Melbourne Soccer / footwork Academy for Aspiring Players

For Girls playing NTC or NPL (aspring NTC) Players

For girls playing NTC, or NPL Level girls (Born 2008-2011) with aspirations to play NTC, this session will enhance you touch, your footwork, your ability to play with the head up, your ability to play under pressure, your ability to play in tight spaces and your individual intelligence (That is : awareness of and ability to use space and options).

Key areas of development

Game functional footwork

Our Fundamental Footwork Patterns system uses the scientifically proven ‘repetition/feedback cycle’ to develop  highly technical soccer players when the ball is at their feet.

Play under pressure

We use modern neuroscience research to maximize the development of touch and intelligence through game based learning. These games nurture both ‘on and off’ the ball technique.

Play in tight spaces

2v2s and 3v3s allow players to play in tight spaces, to test a players ability to find space and link with teammates. these small sided games are an essential element of develop as they bring touch, technique and intelligence to life.

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Advanced Girls

Playing NPL : Aspiring NTC Level player

For players Born 2008 - 2011

This is a touch and footwork based program :

Compliment and enhance your performance at team training and in your matches with
touch based and foot work based technical training.