Kickstarter Soccer Training

For U6, U7 and U8 :
[Pre -club players].

TST’s kick-starter program will help young beginner players learn and consolidate fundamental football technique (often called the core skills – Control the ball, move the ball, play under pressure (1v1), pass the ball, find a new position), individual football intelligence (understanding and using space intelligently) and the ability to play in tight spaces.

Players who are not yet playing for a team are welcome but all players getting involved need to have a passion for sport and be coachable (that is : listen to a coach and follow instructions and  are comfortable in a group).

All the information you need is below.

Check it out and decide if our soccer program is for you.


The Pre-club sessions (U7 and U8* players).

This is a beginners program. The aim is to prepare young players for club foot, which normally starts at U8. To get the most out if the sessions and the sport, players should have some athleticism, a passion for sport, be comfortable in a group, and be able to following coaching instructions.

Also to get the most out of the sessions (and to get the best deal) we encourage players to enroll for both terms. This will give them the best chance of hitting the ground running when they start playing matches for their club.

*We accept older players if they beginners and do not play for a club yet and want to get some help to get on the right technical track.


New Players

$225 per 10 week term (First term).

$425 per for both term 4 and 1.

New Players can try a FREE session before committing. They then get a discounted price for the rest of the term. If a player commits to both term 4 and term 1 it cost $425 for both terms . (This is a significant saving off the 2 term normal price).


Early Renewal Price

$250 per 10 week term

Available to existing players who commit to next term prior to the end of the current term.

Normal Price

$300 per 10 week term [No discount applied]

Key Development Areas

Press play to watch the videos.

Touches Touches Touches

Master the Ball using essential footwork exercises that build balance, co-ordination, agility and touch in a game functional way.


Play under pressure

Develop the ability to deal with pressure in different 1v1 scenarios.


Play in tight spaces

Get essential composure to 1v1s, 2v1s, 2v2s and 3v3s to develop the ability to play in tight spaces.

Term Dates