1-on-1 Technical Soccer Coaching​

Don’t rely on your child’s team soccer training to develop touch and technique. Team training alone means : Not enough touches. Not enough specific and focused practice. Not enough guidance. Not enough feedback. Not enough repetition.

Fast-track your child’s touch and technique using private soccer coaching. It is all about touches, specific technical practice within a strong technical framework, focused learning to enhance touch and technique, specific feedback and loads of repetition.

Private coaching also offers a great framework for practice outside of formal development sessions.

See the notes below to get more details about the options available.

Sharpen your touch and technical skills.

Check out the Videos below to see if there are any areas of technique that you need to do some extra work on.

Improve Vision and Awareness.

The holy grain for any footballer is to play with the head up and to constantly check and scan. This is not possible to do well until a player has both excellent technique and touch. 1-on-1 coaching will help you get to this point sooner.

Who is it perfect for ?

Private coaching is perfect for players with (1) physical assets (such as speed / strength etc) and/or (2) great game sense but just need to polish their touch, technique and awareness and (3) players who simply love the game and want to improve.

1-on-1 Soccer Coaching Packages

Choose a package that’s right for you.

The first session is $100. Hopefully you see the benefit private sessions can offer and are keen to continue.


10 Session Block

For players who can commit to a 10 session block and want to lock in a consistent day, time and location each week.
$ 100 per session : ($1000/block)

125 Pay in Advance

For players who can't commit to a full term of sessions, but can lock in some sessions in by paying in advance.
$ 125 per session

Pay as you go

For players who cant commit to more than one session at a time.
$ 150 per session

Full Details

Note, if you want to dive even deeper into the pro and cons of private coaching then use the links below.

Term Block

For players who can commit to a term (or pro rata) and can lock in a consistent day, time and location each week. (*Conditions apply)
$ 100 ($1000/10 week term [or pro-rata if start mid term])
  • Great value for money
  • Locked in weekly sessions
  • Sessions are for 1 hour.
  • Missed sessions caught up
  • Free TST spot [save $400]*
  • Practice equipment**
  • Progress tracking (video)*
  • Progress tracking webpage*
  • Guidance for practice at home.

125 Pay in Advance

For players who can't commit to a full term of sessions, but can lock in some sessions in by paying in advance.
$ 125 per session
  • Lock in any number of sessions during the current term.*
  • Sessions are for 1 hour.
  • Get a discounted price
  • Pay in advance holiday sessions are $100/session.

Pay as you go

For players who cant commit to more than one session at a time.
$ 150 per session
  • Sessions are for 1 hour.
  • Single PAYG Holiday sessions are $125/session

1-on-1 Soccer Coaching

Note : 1-on-1 coaching is run under the Technical Football Tuition banner as we use the TFT online resources (especially the TFT’s free online practice resource) to compliment the 1-on-1 sessions.

[Note : TFT is TST’s online development component. TST is the small group practical component that is run in Melbourne on Saturday afternoons.]

To get the full background information on the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching go to the page in the TFT online resource.

  • 1-on-1 Soccer Coaching notes
  • The 1-on-1 coaching Golden Window : 11-14 years old ; To get full background information on the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching go to the page in the TFT online resource.
  • Who’s the coach
  • 1-on-1 Coaching : T&Cs
  • Free TST Spot [Conditions apply]
  • Progress Tracking [Conditions apply]
Saturday Sessions Only

Technical Development Programs in 2024

Term 2

Start: Sat 20th April
Finish: Sat 29th June
11 Saturday Sessions

Term 3

Start: Sat 20th July
Finish: Sat 21st Sept
10 Saturday Sessions


Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited for you to consider the TST Soccer Training Program. We hope these answers help you decided that our soccer program is right for you / your children. 

What's our coaching method?

Coaching ‘First Principles’

What it means:

Simple put, coaching first principles means techniques which form the base of good individual play.

1. When Players have the ball they need to be able to solve the problems they face. This requires the ability to move the ball around their feet efficiently, effectively and  instinctively, to manipulate their time and space, and deal with pressure (in all its forms), and find a good ‘release’ (pass, shot etc) option.

2. Players off the ball must learn to support the player on the ball : That is :  Take up good positions (find the best triangle) and open passing lines to receive the ball whilst also thinking ahead to what they will do on the ball when they get it, which might be play first time, or use intelligent technique to find a better option.

3. All players need to learn to play with their head up, and so always have a good picture of their surroundings, their options and the pressure, so that making good decisions is easier.

If all players on a team (whether that’s 2v2 or 11v11) have a good ‘first principles base’ then playing good technical intelligent football is possible. Playing out from the  back, playing through the lines, midfield possession, getting in behind, and creating chances are all an extension of applied first principles.

Without this ‘first principle’ base, players will only be able to play effectively if the ‘technical and intelligence’ aspects of play are removed from the teams style of play.

Check out this video :

First Principles

First principles in simple terms : [First touch, Ball movement, Release, Position] and ‘Vision and awareness’ at all times.

Is TST right for you or your children?

We are looking for players who:

  1. Love the game and have a strong work ethic
  2. Love the grind of practice and repetition of technique
  3. Have potential to be a good player. That is have a weapon : If you child has speed then TST would be perfect for them.

If this is you or your child, then we are prefect for you.

Our track record speaks for it self.

What we do works.

If what we do is not enough for you, then we hope you find what you are looking for elsewhere.

Payment in advance policy
  1. To secure a spot players must pay in full and in advance for the term as this help us get the number of coaches needed for each term right.

If this is a problem then we kindly ask you to not get involved.

What happend if we miss a session?

No credits are given for missed sessions in normal circumstances:


The fixed costs for a session need to be covered regardless of attendance, and fees are calculated assuming full attendance will occur. Any credits offered therefore have an impact on the viability of the program, especially if a number of players claim credits at the same time.


  • Cancelled
    There are a few reasons why sessions may be cancelled [E.G Weather. No coaches available].
  • Long term illness and long-term injuries (LTIs)
    Means at least 3 continuous sessions are missed, and during this period, you could not and did not take part in any other training (club training, school etc.). You need to apply at the time of the missed sessions, for a credit to be carried forward into next term. The application should include the start date, the end date, the reason, and the number of credits being applied for.
  • Long term Holiday Credits
    If you go away for 3 weeks or more in a term that has been paid for in full, then the LTH credits will be carried forward into the next term. This needs to be organized in advance of the affected term.

The fixed costs of the program make the above necessary. Failure to follow this policy may mean the spot in the appropriate group (that the terms fees secure) might not be available as the spot will be offered to another player.

Player behaviour at TST
  • By participating in the program players agree to act appropriately at all times.
  • That is : The way they talk to and treat the coaches and other players is always respectful.
  • Players give 100% effort in all practice exercises and games.
  • Players never act in away that becomes a detriment to the experience of other players in the program.
  • Players not behaving in accordance with the guidelines above, will be asked to sit out during the session or asked take a break from the program (and come back when they have matured enough to follow the guidelines above). If this happens, credits will be carried forward, but no refunds will be granted for players who break the guidelines.
Parents behaviour at TST
  • Parents are not allowed on the pitch during a TST session.
  • Parents should not be heard coaching their child ((by other players / parents) during a TST session.
Extreme Weather Policy

Sessions may be canceled due to Extreme Weather.


If the BOM predicted temp* is over 32º degrees during the session*, then the session will be cancelled, and a credit is carried into the next term. This decision will be made either the day before or on the morning before the session, based on the predicted temp available (using BOM.gov.au). We will send out an email and put a note on the home page of this website. Check both of these before the session, if you think the session might be cancelled.

* Note the artificial surface adds another 3 or 4 degrees to temp, so 30º can quickly feel like 34º or 35º.

Note: If the temp is around 30 degrees, we will run a ‘hot weather session’ where the focus will be on passing techniques and passing accuracy. We may not do footwork practice or games that require high intensity. We follow similar guidelines to the FFV guidelines which can be found online.

Prolonged Rain

Light to moderate persistent rain (or heavy down pours) is not considered a problem for the players so sessions will run.

Heavy rain and storms

We will use the radar images to regularly check the severity of any predicted storms and check whether they will pass over the venue. Sporadic storms, or quick downpours are ok. We can get under cover and let them pass. Heavy prolonged storms, especially with thunder/lightening/hail, may cause sessions to be cancelled. If a session gets abandoned during the session, then there will be no catch-up credit given (as coaches and venue expenses still need to be covered). Sessions that are cancelled before they start, will fall under the cancelled session policy. Parents are also expected to check the radar regularly, especially if they travel a fair distance to get to TST and make their own decision about attending the session.


Effects of High Humidity on the Human Body: One reason humidity makes hot weather more unbearable is that the higher the relative humidity, the higher the temperature actually feels. For instance, a temperature of 95°F (35ºC) feels like 95°F when the relative humidity is 30%. But bump that humidity up to 65% and that same 95°F feels like a whopping 117°F (47ºC)! A heat index chart factors relative humidity into temperature to provide a more accurate assessment of what the temperature feels like. [ 30º becomes 35º if humidity is at 70%].

Inherent risk of injury policy
  • Playing football has an inherent risk of injury. TST is not responsible for any injuries that occur during any TST session which can be attributed to the ‘ inherent risk of playing a contact sport’ and TST will not be liable for these injuries.
  • TST is also not liable for any injuries / incidents that occur as a result of a player doing something other than playing/practicing football (like climbing a fence etc) during a TST session. As a general rule, players are not allowed to leave the field of play during a session unless they have the permission from a coach, and are accompanied by a parent / guardian.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for their child until that child is invited onto the pitch to start their session.
  • If a player leaves the pitch, then that player again becomes the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • On the pitch, players are not allowed to boot the ball (at any point) and this includes shooting at the big goals at the end of the pitch. If a child hits another child with a ball that results in injury, then the child’s parent/guardian is responsible for any liabilities related to the incident.