Rising Stars Soccer Training

Under 8s and Under 9s : Already playing for a club.

TST’s ‘Rising stars’ program will help young players, who are already playing in a team, learn and consolidate fundamental football technique (especially the ability to move the ball between spaces – often called footwork), individual football intelligence (understanding and using space intelligently) and the ability to play in tight spaces. [These technical areas are not coached enough at team training].

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Players (U9 and younger) should be playing for a club at this level. Younger beginners can jump in the session but will struggle a little at first.

Note we also accommodate younger advanced players ( so the age range is just a guide). We are always looking for young talented players who we can start working with from a young age. In the past these players are the ones we have had the most success with (in terms of helping them make pro academies in Melbourne or playing professionally abroad).

Our program is ability based more than age based. So a young player who can hold his/her own with older players will train and play with older players.


New Players

Try a FREE NO OBLIGATION SESSION before committing.

The fee for a 10 week term is  then $315 (inc the free session).



Early Renewal Price

$350 per 10 week term (Discounted price).

Available to existing players who commit to next term prior to the end of the current term.

Normal Price

$400 per 10 week term

Key Skills

Key areas of development at this level

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Touches Touches Touches

Master the Ball using essential footwork exercises that build balance, co-ordination, agility and touch in a game functional way.

Play under pressure

Develop the ability to deal with pressure in different 1v1 scenarios.

Play in tight spaces

Get essential composure to 1v1s, 2v1s, 2v2s and 3v3s to develop the ability to play in tight spaces.

Term Dates