Additional Information

MUST READ: Just some extra notes about Saturday sessions at Camberwell High School:

This rules come directly from the school

STRICTLY No access to:

  • NO ACCESS to the school buildings under any circumstances except the toilet area (next to indoor sports hall) as agreed. School Orders.
  • We have been receiving a number of issues regarding parents and players moving through the school buildings internally where other hirers or school staff are using spaces.
  • Specifically from the school: This is becoming a OH&S concern as a number of the parents (not TST parents) are becoming rude and abusive towards other hirers and staff. 
  • Could you please remind all users that there is NO ACCESS to the school buildings under any circumstances except the Sports Hall foyer and toilets as agreed.


Where are the toilets

  • If you enter the school through the gate on Prospect Hill Road:
  • Keep walking down the hill (don’t turn right towards the pitch)
  • Enter the sports stadium and the toilets are on the left.
  • The sports hall doors will usually be open:
  • If not we can give you a key.

NOTE: Occasionally the school has locked the toilet doors from the inside and when this happens the toilets are not accessible.

Public Toilet

  • There is a public toilet near the tennis pavilion which can be used as an alternative.

Under no circumstances should you walk through school looking for toilets. School Orders.


  • Their have been a few complaints about parking in the local streets from residents so here are the parking options.
  • Please do not park in the school car park and especially do not walk through the school building to get to the pitch. School Orders.
  • There is plenty of street parking locally, but if you can avoid the parking in roads closest to the pitch that would be appreciated. (As it is the residents in these street who have complained.)
  • We do have over 50 players attend at any one time so we do have to respect the residents needs as much as possible. Residents can cause all sorts of issues and I do not want to be asked to find a new venue.
  • If you can handle the walk then try to either park at least 2 streets away or there is a huge amount of parking space at the train station (which is not too far away). If you could park here and walk, it would be hugely appreciated.
  • Do not park on the nature strips. You will get a ticket.

The Pitch

  • The pitch is Outdoors and the surface is artificial grass.
  • Soccer boots are fine on the surface and in fact, recommended (but not essential or compulsory)
  • Shin pads are also recommended. But It is the players’ and parents’ responsibility to ensure shin pads are worn.
  • There is No specific kit requirements so players can wear whatever kit they enjoy wearing.


  • Please be a bit early.
  • There is always a plan of who is in which group based on age and level, but when we organize groups at the start of the session we might tweak this based on who is there (to get even numbers in each group or to adjust for the number of coaches etc).
  • When players turn up late it can stuff this up, as we might not now be able to get them in the right group for them, or if we do the group would become too big etc.
  • In a nutshell please come a bit early.


  • Working on technique home is a huge technical accelerator.
  • We will send out weekly footwork videos – hopefully they are useful.

Paying on time

  • So if you haven’t paid yet please do.
  • We waste a fair amount time towards the end of term chasing for outstanding payments (even if it is just one player – it takes time) and we would really like to not have to.
  • We would prefer to spend time on improving the program.
  • Please visit the How to Pay page for the methods of payment. 


  • We post more and more ‘educational info’ on Facebook/Intsagram so please ‘like’ TST on Facebook so you don’t miss out on this.
  • Also share my Facebook/Instagram posts with your football friends.

Available Spots

  • We are very close to capacity which is great but there are a few spots still available in all groups so if you know of any player that would enjoy TST and wants to improve please get them to contact me.

Missed Sessions

Catching up Missed sessions:

  • This is always an issue at the end of term for some.
  • This is the most important bit about missed sessions.
  • When players commit to TST, they are locking in a spot in a session.
  • Whether they use this spot then becomes their choice.
  • Please do not get offended if missed sessions that you have chosen to miss are not carried forward into future terms.


  • A huge portion of a players fees just cover the fixed costs of the program – which need to be paid whether a player turns up or not.
  • Therefore to offer unconditional credits for missed sessions becomes a huge expense and jeopardizes the viability of the program.


  • We chose to not have a TST uniform.
  • Although research says there are a lot of pros to having all players wear a uniform, we believe the extra expense would not necessarily be appreciated by parents, especially when most players already have a number of soccer kits available to wear.