TST Offers More.

Why get involved?

  • TST firstly offers a unique development environment.
  • ‘Footwork : The ability to play under pressure : The ability to play in tight spaces’.
  • TST will fill in the missing gaps in a players current development program.

What is TST all about?

  • The game, when expressed in its simplest form, is about 4 things:
  • Touch : Intelligence : Speed of action : Consistency of repetition.
  • And since team training will never accelerate development in these areas in excess of what natural talent allows, players who are keen to develop at a greater speed than what their natural ability will allow need to do more.

TST offers more.

  • TST is all about maximizing the number of game functional touches a player can have in a session. And this number is always far more than the number a player would have in a team training sessions.
  • In a recent study done by a parent and his child (using a touch counter that a player can wear) we compared the touches that this player got during  his team training, during another academy program session and a TST session.

The results were as following :

  • In a 90 minute TST session, this player got close to 1000 touches. At another academy session (bigger groups,  control-pass-shoot philosophy) the player got about 250 touches and at his team training the player got about 150 touches.
  • Even in a week, this is a significant difference. Over a number of years this difference becomes huge.
  • TST is not just about touches however : We develop individual ‘on the ball’ intelligence by focusing on 2v1s, 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s etc.

Ultra Small sided games are the future.

  • We have been playing ultra small sided games for years. Europe is catching up (read up on what Belgium have done recently to produce some of the worlds best technicians), and even Football Victoria is now running 3v3 competitions.
  • Why : It is no secret that small sided games create more technical players.

What else does TST do?

  • We also maximize the ‘coach / player’ feedback cycle as much as possible by keeping the groups small (approx 6 players on average) to ensure all players get the feedback they need (both internally and externally) while they are developing.
  • Where as, many academy programs run sessions with 20 ‘8 year olds’ in a group.  [For those who aren’t aware : This isn’t coaching – it is simply a ‘very expensive’ baby sitting service]

Is your child is missing out?

  • So with all this said, if an ultra small sided game based technical session isn’t currently a part of your child’s development bubble, then your child is missing out and will most likely fall behind the players who are doing more.
  • TST will take a players ‘on the ball’ core skills. (That is : Controlling the ball, moving the ball and passing the ball) to another level.
  • TST will also take a players ability to move the ball around their feet (footwork) to a level that simply isn’t coached well in Australia.
  • [You only have to watch the Socceroos play and compare their technical ability to players from other countries (like Japan for example) – to see something is missing)].

Added to this :

  • TST offers the opportunity to relentlessly test and improve a player’s ‘intelligence in tight spaces’. And this is not just about what a player can do on the ball, but also how well they position themselves ‘off the ball’ to maximize their ability to play in tight spaces. 
  • And all the above combined makes:

TST's development program unique and essential.

  • It is little wonder that TST has worked with players who have gone on to play for Australia (Matilda, mens-U21s, U17s), play professionally (in Europe / Asia). The Melbourne pro club NPL squads and the NTC girls squads are littered with players who used TST to improve their touch, intelligence, speed of action and consistency of repetition.
  • Developing good players is not easy and not all programs have a track record of doing it well. Over the last 20 years TST’s track record of developing good players is second to none.

Melbourne's #1 Footwork, 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3 Academy : Operating since 2006.

If your child is serious about football and wants to accelerate their development at a faster speed than team training alone will do, then check out the details of our program options and then send in an EOI form and get involved.