About TST Soccer Training Program

TST aims to develop soccer players with elite level 'footwork, touch and ability to play in a technical way in tight spaces'.

Fundamental Footwork Patterns are never taught at team training

Fundamental Footwork Patterns are never taught at team training and yet they are an essential development tool. The TST footwork program is based on fundamental footwork patterns that serve as the foundation for all technical development. We offer a unique development process that focuses on maximizing the technical abilities and the ability to play in tight spaces for players between the ages of 6 years old and upwards.

Maximizing Development with Modern Neuroscience Research

Our program is designed to tap into modern neuroscience research, which helps to accelerate and maximize the development of touch and intelligence in young soccer players. We believe that every player has the potential to reach a high technical level, they just need the right training, coaching, and support to achieve this.

Small Coaching for Personalized Development

At TST, we offer coaching that combines the best of both private coaching and team training. Our coaches work closely with each player to help them improve the balance, coordination, touch, footwork and the ability to play in tight spaces. needs.

Developing Game Functional Technical Ability with 1v1s, 2v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s

We use a variety of technical training games, including 2v1s, 1v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s, to develop being individual game functional technical ability and intelligence to life. These technical games are designed to improve a players’ decision-making under pressure, spatial awareness, and their ability to read the game.

Why us ? Because it works.

We have worked with players that have gone on to play for their national team, Junior Socceroos up to U21 level, the Matlidas, at a professional and a semi professional level. In 2023 we had in excess of 20 players playing for Mel Victory / Mel City / Western Utd JBMPL squads. This can’t be luck. Check out our Player Achievement page for more details.